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Denise Brown with Veterans Count Eagle.

Denise Brown with the Eagle she designed and painted for Veterans Count in June 2016.
Sponsored by the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel.

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  Denise with Her Books

Denise Brown with her "Winter's Work"! Authored Two Books, illustrated another book with Crystal Kent and republished Abenaki The Indian Pony.
  Artists who accept the challenge of painting a Pony don't stop there. They are always experimenting with new forms, new methods of expressing themselves.

Take New England artist Denise Brown, whose Americana figurine "Old Country Store" has just been released, as an example. Fascinated by a real life incident reported on Facebook about a young deer stranded on an island in Maine by rising tides, that became the focus of media attention, she became interested in the animal's plight and felt it would make a nice children's story. "I tried to imagine what compelled the deer to swim across a strip of ocean to an island in the middle of winter, and what her experience was like while there."

Denise created a painting for the cover of the book, but inside you will find a unique layout. There, she blended photographs of the location with illustrations and text. To learn more about "A Deer Visits Nubble Lighthouse," visit

"Borrowed" from the Trail of Painted Ponies website.

Artist Statement
Growing up next to several horse farms in Rye, NH, I have a longtime love of
horses. With years of observation and study behind me, I have strived to
become a master of painting the horse. As a result, I have developed a keen
understanding of the structure, anatomy, and movement of the horse and their
complicated harnesses to depict the horse’s strength and beauty. When I
paint, it is like putting on a horse show in my mind. I also have a strong
knowledge and background of painting architectural subjects, landscapes,
seascapes, florals, figures, and skies. I usually incorporate many of these
components into my paintings to relate to each particular horse. The horse’s
harness and equipment are highlights of my paintings. I have developed a
technical skill and a great interest in the complexity of the leather and
chains wrapped around these animals. I am continually amazed to see how thin
straps of leather attempt to control such powerful creatures. I strive to
portray the horse’s value and role in building the world that mankind has
developed. I usually select draft horse breeds as my major subjects.

Working Process: I do long detailed studies to accurately depict anatomy,
structure, and harness construction. Then I do several quick sketches for
composition and colors before I start on an equine painting canvas. The face
and eyes are the most importance part of my painting in order to build the
horse’s character and ‘soul’’. Then I decide what components might best tell
the story about the particular horse or breed — what colors, lighting, and
setting will work together. Once I am satisfied with the story and the
pieces that compliment it, I jump in and work on the painting for several
hour sessions for 1-2 months, often looking at the painting off and on, all
day long, as I work on something else. I go to sleep and wake up thinking
about what needs to be done on the horse to make it look alive and ready to
jump off the canvas.

Direction of My Art: I graduated from the University of NH in 1976 with a
self-designed major in Fine Art, Commercial Art, and Marketing. It was a
serious start to a lifetime of artwork. I have created illustrations and
paintings for many of my clients and collectors. I have made a living
supporting myself as a self-employed artist since 1980, often working 60-80
hours plus a week. Building my life around my artwork, I am also a graphic
artist and photographer. I am constantly trying to improve my skills as an

My goal is to become a recognized national equine artist. I plan to promote
this project in exhibits, build a commissioned art business, and eventually
be accepted into major art museums as a master equine artist.


A seacoast New Hampshire native, I am a watercolor/acrylic artist living in Portsmouth, NH. Landscapes, animals (especially horses, cats, dogs) and
architecture are my favorite subjects. I grew up next to horse farms and open fields in Rye, NH. Many of my paintings are on location en plein air, capturing a sense of place and color. I love to paint on location anywhere, especially at the ocean or in the Caribbean. I have been commissioned formany pet portraits, house portraits and architectural renderings in watercolors and pen and ink for the past 25 years.

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1976, with a self designed art degree including drawing, painting, sculpting, architectural rendering, and marketing. My advisor/art professor was John Hatch. His watercolors and his personality motivated my art career. I was fortunate to travel to the Caribbean with John, his wife and 18 other adventurers when we saw the British Virgin Islands from the Romance, a 110 ft. Brigantine. I have studied with many well known artists: Robert Steedman, Zoltan Szabo, Christopher Schink, Steven Quiller, Charlie Goodhue, Robert Chase, Art Balderacci, and local instructors.

In 2004, I was commissioned to paint the birds of Peru for Amazonia Lodge, a bird refuge in Peru. I also painted the birds of Jamaica which is to be used on t-shirts as a scholarship fundraiser in Jamaican elementary schools. In 2005 my artwork was selected for a holiday bulb as a fundraiser for the town of Durham, NH for their holiday parade and lighting. I have been drawing and painting animals, landscapes and architectural subjects all of my life. I am a member of the New Hampshire Art Association, Great Bay Art Association and Seacoast Artists Association and have exhibited paintings at many regional venues, art galleries, art shows and street fairs. One-woman show at Discover Portsmouth Center in Portsmouth NH, Buyer's Broker's of the Seacoast in Portsmouth, Gallery Tactora in Kittery, Maine. I organize the Fuller Foundation’s Fuller Gardens Annual Art Show, Fairy House Tour Artists Exhibit, and a judge at the Hampton Beach NH Sand Sculpting Competition. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and have illustrated children's books and coloring books. Art is my life. I am a tropical fish hobbyist and avid gardener.

Career Highlights
  • Watercolor - acrylic - artist - painter - illustrator - photographer -
    graphic designer
  • 2016 Illustrator: “Chick & Dee-Dee Lamprey River Adventure” Book commission
  • 2015 Illustrator: “Bad Cats of Biddeford” Book commission
  • 2014 Author/Illustrator: “USS Albcore, Welcome Aboard” Book
  • 2013 Author/Illustrator: “Deer Visits Nubble Lighthouse” Book
  • 2013 Stage Neck Inn commissioned 20 Watercolor Paintings
  • 2013 & 2012 Trail of Painted Ponies release of “Country Store” & “Icicles” Pony designs
  • 2012 Illustrator: “Tugboat River Rescue” Book commission
  • 2012 Author/Illustrator: “Wind, Wild Horse Rescue” Book (part of proceeds
    to equine rescue)
  • 2006-2012 Trail of Painted Ponies Artist
  • 2000-2012 Organizer/Exhibitor of Fuller Gardens Annual Art Show and Sale,
    N. Hampton, NH
  • 2009, 2010, 2011 Organizer of artists for Fairy House Tour, Portsmouth, NH
  • Judge at Annual Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Competition; NH 4H State Art
    Show; “Literary Art Journal” for Rye schools k thru 8 grades, NH
  • 2011 Solo Exhibit at Surgery Center, Stratham, NH
  • 2010 Organizer/Exhibitor Great Bay Artist Association at Discover
    Portsmouth Center, NH
  • Juried member into New Hampshire Art Association Group Exhibits, "Brushstrokes: Oil and Acrylic" and monthly exhibits
  • Group Show, Paradise Gallery Kittery
  • Denise Brown 'Horse Power’ Series Project, subject: Draft horses, acrylic
  • Group Show Great Bay Artist Association, ‘Horse Power’ Series on display
  • Group Show Children’s Museum, “Food”, "Salmon Falls Pottery" painting
  • Market Square Day Booth Exhibitor
  • Winner of Bayberry Vintage Auto Art Contest
  • Runner Up in Vermont Photography Contest ‘Flight’
  • York Showhouse featured artist, Joyce Jordan Display Room
  • NHAA Group Show July, Behind the Scenes & Mighty Tim
  • Buyer’s Brokers Solo Show Oct/Nov/Dec ‘Panorama Steeple’
  • 2009 Solo Show at Temple Israel, Portsmouth, NH
  • 2008 Solo ‘Exhibit of a Lifetime,’ Discover Portsmouth Center, NH
  • 2008 Commissioned to paint Governor Lynch home, NH
  • 2007 Guest Lecturer at Booth Western Art Museum, Georgia
  • 2007 Exhibitor at Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY
  • 2006 A finalist in The Trail of Painted Ponies National Art Competition,
  • One person show at Buyer’s Broker’s of the Seacoast, Portsmouth
  • One person show at Gallery Tactora, Kittery, Maine
  • Creator of Ted the Cat Coloring Books
  • Author/illustrator “Abenaki, the Indian Pony” children’s book, self
  • Illustrator of “Angel Come Home” book about a dog who visits Paris
  • Children's Coloring Book Artist and Designer (themes: "Famous Horses" -
    Humane Society; smoking - "Samantha Skunk" cats * Coloring book artist and
    designer of "Learning about money and banking for children" - Service Credit
    Union, "What happens when you go to the hospital" - Darmouth-Hitchcock
  • Commissioned to paint the birds of Peru for Amazonia Lodge, a bird refuge
    in Peru and commissioned to paint the birds of Jamaica for t-shirts as a
    scholarship fundraiser in Jamaican elementary schools.
  • Exhibited at the DeRochemont House, the Seacoast Science Center, the Arts
    in the Park, Stroudwater Books Cafe, Drakes Farm, local art galleries and
    street fairs, art shows
  • Portsmouth Pocket Garden Tours demo artist since 2003
  • Divine Cuisines International Restaurant — Painted Murals on 4 walls of
    international scenes
  • 7 foot tall Giraffe for International Festival at UNH — Design,
    Construction, (wood, wire, and paper mache materials) and Acrylic Painting
    of Giraffe
  • Art demo guest artist at local art associations and events
  • Children’s Camp Workshop Art Instructor
  • Member: New Hampshire Art Association, Seacoast Artist Association,
    President of Great Bay Art Association, Seacoast Artist Association,
    NH Watercolor Society, GPCC and HBCC, NHMade and NHAS
  • Commissioned artwork for architectural, homes and pet portraits,
    watercolor and acrylic
  • Owner of Ad-Cetera Graphics in Portsmouth, an ad agency specializing in
    computer graphics, illustration, graphic design, web design and specialty
    products since 1980 with husband John F. O'Sullivan.
  • Denise has designed many NH Collectibles such as “the Old Man of the
    Mountains” t-shirts and magnets. “Live free or die” pencils, patches, bumper
    stickers, lapel pins and coffee mugs for the state of New Hampshire.
    Wholesale pricing available.
  • See my horse books and visit my Action Alert blog for horses at
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